Prerequisites for setting up jw-in-1

A computer and a keyboard
You can install jw-in-1 on any Windows PC. We tested on an old laptop running Windows 7 and an all-in-one PC running Windows 10.

If you decide to buy a computer, we recommend a recent computer for speed and to avoid problems as well as an all-in-1 PC with a screen of 24 "or more. Why ?

  • For our elderly companions, a 24 "screen allows them to see better.
  • The all-in-one PC display is more convenient to set up and move.
  • Likewise a wireless keyboard, allows our companion a use without constraint.
We can find the type of model opposite which corresponds well to the needs with prices in promotion ranging from 350 to 499 € TTC (keyboard included).

  • All-in-one Computer - LENOVO Ideacentre A340-24IGM - 24 '' - Intel Celeron J4005 - 4GB RAM - 128GB SSD Storage - Intel HD Graphic
  • LOGITECH MK270 Keyboard Mouse Set - Wireless
Otherwise, this solution can also be used on old recycled computers. The startup process takes a bit longer but it works great. We know that many brothers and sisters who do not have the resources available to buy newer computers, have far more valuable resources: their adaptability and resourcefulness. No doubt they will recycle old computers into a valuable tool.
Internet access
Our companions may or may not already have an internet connection. We have found that some have telephone-only subscriptions which are more expensive than telephone + internet subscriptions. This is an opportunity to help them save some money that can finance part of the PC investment.
win 7

You will find the basic installation procedure by clicking on this link. It does not necessarily take into account changes or options that are added as and when in the download folder opposite. To follow the progress, take a look at the readme.txt file.

By clicking on this link below you download the latest version JW-IN-1. In the readme.txt file and in the configuration files you can find the list of updates and comments on the latest developments and modules