what is it?

It is a free and royalty-free solution to automatically launch and schedule your appointments for: your meetings, preaching, assemblies and events, a moment with friends or family on zoom as well as a 24/24 video or music program of programs on your computer. See the features below.

Who is it for?

The solution we offer aims to meet the needs of our elderly companions and friends, with disabilities or illnesses who have difficulty connecting to all our weekly meetings and who isolate themselves because of technical difficulties. .

We have also noticed that older siblings who already use zoom on their tablet no longer follow on JW library ... they are passive in front of their screen. The jw-in-1 pc solution allows our companions to regain control of JW LIBRARY and to be able to follow during meetings on their tablet.

Advantages ?

In your opinion, is it better for our companions to attend meetings by streaming, phone or Zoom? Is it better for them to preach by mail alone or to sit at service meetings regularly? How do they manage to exchange regularly with their families and friends?

Very often, our elderly, disabled or sick companions are happy with what they have. They often answer us “I'm fine” with a nice smile so as not to disturb or ask.

How to make them have the best? We have tried to provide them with a simple and practical solution so that they feel closer to the assembly and that technique is no longer a hindrance.
Fr Sr agés
For our companions
  • They can attend meetings live and enjoy the assembly to the fullest like any of us.
  • During the day, with just one click, they can follow a spiritual program.
  • With Private Zoom, they can schedule a regular date with their family or siblings.
  • For those who handle a tablet, they can finally follow in "JW library" while being on Zoom.

A 92-year-old sister told us that she followed meetings in large print on the phone. Since she uses zoom she can see illustrations and videos. As with the study "Pure Jehovah's Worship At Last Restored" where there are videos and pictures. Seeing the image of the celestial chariot in Ezekiel, she understood better what she was reading.

Fr Sr gérer
For the brother or sister in charge of our companions
  • They can, remotely and securely, simply change and modify the meeting schedule or the video schedule.
  • For assemblies and events, they can also schedule the broadcast in advance without having to intervene on the computer.
For the assembly
  • Are we not happy to see and hear our dear elderly, disabled or ill companions attending all of our live meetings or service meetings?
  • We can take advantage of Zoom technology to invite them to a study or accompany us in preaching to have a good time and benefit from their experiences.
For the family as well as the brothers and sisters of the assembly
  • With Private Zoom, the family can schedule a regular meeting.
  • Likewise, our elderly, disabled or sick companions appreciate having visits from brothers and sisters. Why not take advantage of a regular Private Zoom to visit our companions with our family, our children ... or with the members of the group for a moment of encouragement?
We have thought of easy maintenance. The schedule of meetings and videos is in a simple cloud text file of your choice. When opening the PC, it will retrieve the text file and update if necessary. Likewise, the runtime files will check for updates and automatically download files to replace them.

The brother or sister who will manage the program of our companions will simply change some parameters of the text file if necessary or access directly on the PC for some remote maintenance interventions...


  • zoom meeting
  • zoom service appointment
  • Assemblies
  • private zoom
  • JW videos and music
    (programmable and random)
  • 2 windows with daily text and website
  • Option 2 languages (for those who want to follow sometimes in their mother tongue)
  • Selection menu (under test)
By default, depending on the schedule, the computer automatically connects either to JW videos or music, or to Zoom.

Videos and music follow a personalized program by daily theme and random distribution. We can also program the periods of diffusion of the novelty like JW teledifusion or the assemblies ... The zoom connections follow the program and the schedules recorded for the meetings, the appointments of service, the private exchanges ...

A simple press on the [Q] (pink) key stops the video or zoom and shows the text of the day and the website

Starting and stopping is done by simply pressing the same computer power button or closing the cover of your laptop.
* the functionalities will certainly evolve as needs or corrections are made

Practical help: documents

To help our companions, we have prepared 4 memory aids that they can follow without problem. These documents can be adapted according to individual needs.
Zoom program : shows the various assembly activities of the week. (Small idea: we added a zoom meeting for our elderly companions to spend some time together)
Videos and music program : The videos of the same category, according to an hourly and daily program, are broadcast randomly. It is possible to skip to the next video if it has already been seen.
Zoom help : keyboard shortcut to use during the zoom session, for streaming videos
Private zoom : very simple help to access a zoom with those friends and family
ecran jw in 1
All-in-one computer - LENOVO Ideacentre A340-24IGM - 24'' - Intel Celeron J4005 - RAM 4Go - Stockage 128Go SSD - Intel HD Graphic

What material to use?

The jw-in-1 solution works on old or newer computers running Windows 7 and 10. You can therefore install it on the computer of your choice (see installation).

However, it is not easy to find suitable equipment for our elderly companions. After having tested several solutions, we have selected what seems to us the most simple and practical. We are only making a technical suggestion to help make your choice for purchasing a new computer.

We have found that very often small screens are not very functional for the real needs of our companions, which is why we have selected and recommend a minimum 24 "screen. In addition, an all-in-one computer is more convenient for installation and handling.

The wireless keyboard, with an autonomy of about 3 years, allows easy use and we have found that it remains accessible for our companions. The mouse is only used for maintenance, it is attached to the back of the screen.

Is it a lasting solution if we resume our meetings at the Kingdom Hall in the near future? Although we look forward to being able to get together as soon as possible, the experience we have acquired with zoom will certainly allow us to offer solutions for our elderly, disabled or sick brothers and sisters so that they can continue. to attend meetings in the best conditions by replacing the simple telephone with a better solution. We hope that we can continue to use this technology or another for our companions who need a quality meeting.

Testimonials from our dear companions

The jw-in-1 solution is volunteer work to help our companions. It has been developed as and when required. We are adding evolutions and we would be very happy to benefit from your experience and knowledge to add features and improvements. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help us.


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